BCRG Information

It’s important for buyers of PV systems to rely on the product performance as described in the datasheets, therefore Solarclarity products can be found in the Bureau CRG database.

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Organisation BCRG

The Bureau CRG maintains a database with Declarations of Quality and Equivalence of PV systems, among others. The database is an objective source of information that allows users to verify that products and systems meet the claimed energy performance. The agency checks statements and places them in a database.


Products and systems are included at the request of manufacturers / suppliers of the construction or installation sector. After receipt of the documentation, the performance is checked and published by Bureau CRG. Within the database you will find explanations and references of solar panels, central heating boilers, solar boilers, glass, window frames and more.


What is a quality statement

A quality statement is a statement about product properties that have been determined in accordance with a generally accepted standard. The Energy Index methodology or EPC calculation then concerns properties or product characteristics that are used in calculation methodologies, for example the Standard Test Conditions (STC) for solar panels.


Who checks the statements

The College of Equivalence Energy Performance checks whether the claim of a manufacturer in the field of energy performance of a product or system is correct. Experts are active in the College with expertise in various fields. They operate independently and have no ties to manufacturers and suppliers.


Why does Solarclarity provide quality statements to Bureau CRG

It is important for customers of PV systems that they can rely on the product performance as described in the data sheets. For them, the database with objectively tested information about the energy performance of systems and products is a check on these data.


Solarclarity presents its products in a uniform and comparable way by being included in the database. It is useful for our customers to have the information from the solar panels bundled in one place. This makes it easier to check and makes it better to come to an advice.


In this way we make the market for PV systems fair, transparent and simple


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