Enphase is dé marktleider als het gaat om micro-omvormers. Gestart in 2008 is het inmiddels een beursgenoteerde onderneming die in haar thuismarkt Amerika de voormalige marktleider SMA van de troon heeft gestoten.

Enphase is the international market leader in micro-inverters. Started in 2008, and nowadays a listed company in its homemarket.

With microinverters, every solar module is operated with the efficiency and precision of digital electronics. This delivers greater energy harvest, higher reliability and richer intelligence. Several advantages of Enphase microinverters are:

  • The simplicity and flexibility of a microinverter system makes the design and installation of solar systems faster and easier. Enphase microinverters install quickly using the existing racking for the PV modules.
  • Since the panels are connected in series, an Enphase PV system is much less sensitive to shade. Shadow on one panel has no effect on the others.
  • There is no central inverter to install, and they connect to AC branch circuits, eliminating the need for string design, DC combiners, DC conduit runs and DC disconnects.
  •  Because of the AC-based solar system, there is no high-voltage DC wiring on therooftop. This dramatically reduces the risks of shock and fire.
  • Enphase offers 25 year warranty on the micro-inverters and guarantees 100% uptime. Enphase constantly monitors and maintains the inverters.
  • The Enlighten monitoring software provides an unprecedented level of intelligence to solar power system owners and installers.  Enlighten is continuously monitoring the health and performance of every solar module and microinverter in the array.

All in all Enphase provides a complete, flexible, high performance and secure system. With 20 year warranty, monitoring and maintenance included in the purchase price.

Enphase Micro-inverters are suitable for panels with 60 inch cells.