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BNRG interview

Interview with CEO Peter Desmet in the magazine Sun & Wind Energy

Solarclarity Caribbean Solar project Jamaica

Solarclarity Caribbean delivers 300kW Solar System for a project in Jamaica!

March 2016: 300-kW solar energy generating system at the rooftop of Rainforest Seafoods Limited’s Freeport, in St James, Jamaica.

The system is installed by Jamaican installation company: Conserve IT and is completely supplied by Solarclarity Caribbean. It consists of Jinko solar panels, Fronius inverters and a K2 mounting system. The Fronius inverters are installaed on the basis of a zero feed-in: all generated electricity will be used. No electricity will be feed back into the grid.

The commissioning of the system at Freeport follows the installation of a 500-kilowatt solar facility at Rainforest Seafoods’ Kingston location last year.

Brain Jardim (CEO of Rainforest Seafoods) says in the ‘Jamaica Observer’:

“The systems are expected to result in greater efficiencies and savings, and increase the company’s production capacity in order to better supply its markets in Jamaica and overseas.”

Please visit our website for more Solarclarity projects in the Caribbean:

Source photo: Jamaica-gleaner from Janet Silvera

Awards EUPD Research Top PV Supplier Wholesale

Feb 2016 - Solarclarity first Dutch Wholesaler to be named TOP BRAND PV Europe 2016 by EUPD Research.

PV Installers reward Solarclarity to perform above average

Solarclarity, a leading international PV wholesaler, announces that it has been awarded the premium EuPD Research 2016 TOP BRAND PV SEAL of approval for its commendable brand management and brand awareness among installers in the Netherlands.

Each year EuPD Research conducts Europe-wide surveys and prepares an independent evaluation on how brands systematically develop, how they differentiate form competitors and how appealing they are in the eyes of PV installers.  Being awarded a TOP BRAND PV SEAL, as the first wholesaler in the Netherlands, highlights Solarclarity’s original, specific signature and it’s broad product portfolio that prevails over competition.

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The TOP BRAND PV award has been issued to PV wholesalers for several years now, distinguishing those that score above average in comparison to their competitors. However, it has been the first time this award has been provided to a Dutch wholesaler.

“The satisfaction of installers with our brand and product portfolio underlines the high quality and service that we would like to guarantee to our customers. The award is an additional incentive for us to continue fulfilling the market specific expectations and needs of our installers in the future, “said Peter Desmet, CEO Solarclarity.

Read here the article in the PV Magazine


Fronius | You Are 24 Hours Of Sun

Fronius: “We believe in a future where we cover our energy needs 100% with renewable energy sources. A world of 24 hours of sun”. Click here for more information.

How do solar panels work?

How do solar panels work? Watch the video and learn.


BNEF names Trina Solar the world’s most bankable PV maker

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(Source article PV magazine)


Feb 2016: Japan: Green transport ship sets sail with Solar Frontier CIS panels

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SF eng 3

Jan 2016 - Solar Frontier Increases CIS Thin-film Solar Cell Efficiency to 22.3%

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(Source: Solar Frontier & article PV Magazine) 

70 denim

July 2015 – Article in the PV Magzine: Dutch solar sales increase by 70%

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(Source PV magazine)


May 2015 - Solarclarity expands exportteam

Solarclarity, hired Derek Durham, former regional Sales Manager at SolarMax, as Export Business Manager. Together with Leon Langeveld, Export Manager at Solarclarity, Derek is responsible for defining market opportunities in the Caribbean, entering into strategic alliances and providing logistical solutions for our partners in the Caribbean.

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Derek Durham: I’ve known the team at Solarclarity for a number of years now and it’s a pleasure to join them in their strive for increased international opportunities. The main focus is currently on the development of our role within the Caribbean markets but we will of course keep an open mind towards the developments and potential elsewhere. As has always been the case there are currently many challenges facing our sector but for a dynamic and flexible organization there is also ever-greater potential and opportunity.

The new export business manager previously held positions at: SolarMax, Sunconnex and Schüco.



April 2015-3000 m² warehouse

For a better service and optimize logistics processes. We moved to a new 3.000 m² warehouse.


April 2015 – Solarclarity touring in 2015 with an event by installers Netherlands!

Solarclarity tours with an installer-event through the Netherlands. In order to provide customers with know-how and up to date product information Solarclarity organised a number of regional training days throughout several soccer stadions in the Netherlands.

The trainings provided customers an insight in our company, our product portfolio and the current market and product developments.

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Peter Desmet: “Solarclarity highly values maintaining a good relationship with its customers. We are committed to provide our customers as much knowledge as possible and to give them the know-how with which they can differentiate themselves in the highly competitive solar market.” The regional training in Groningen and Arnhem was a great success and Solarclarity will proceed this concept in the upcoming months. More information? Please check our website.



March 2015 – Solarclarity team expands further

Solarclarity, the Dutch wholesaler and distributor of PV products, has expanded her team. In order to enable the organisation to continue professionalising and to optimally invest in our customers Solarclarity has expanded her team with three new Internal Sales support employees: Meijer van der Hagen, Niels Baarsma & Geraint Sordam, and two new employees in the financial department: Jetty Plessius (accounts receivable) and Babette Proost (Financial Controller).

Moreover, the marketing team has been expanded with the new marketing assistent: Daisy Vaal.


February 2015 – Solar Frontier appoints Solarclarity as Solar Frontier officially authorized distributor for the Netherlands and Belgium.

Solarclarity is again nominated for being 2015 Solar Frontier authorized distributor in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Continuing this partnership underlines the successful cooperation and trust between Solarclarity and Solar Frontier.

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Wolfgang Lange, Managing Director, Solar Frontier Europe: “Since July 2011 we have been working together with Solarclarity. Solarclarity is one of our most important customers in Europe. ”

Solar Frontier is the largest manufacturer of CIS panels in the world and is part of Shell. The 170Wp panels have a, for thin film, very high efficiency of 13.8%. All modules from Solar Frontier comply with the RoHS directive and are lead and cadmium free.



January 2015 – Solarclarity now offers English language training at International Solar Specialist.

In cooperation with Switch2Solar Solarclarity now offers the English program ‘Solar International Specialist’. The International Solar Specialist training is an addition to the existing package and fits well with the general market development.

A solar specialist is a professional who has a thorough knowledge of the economic, technical and practical aspects of solar energy. In addition, a he / she is fully aware of the global energy issues and developments in the market for solar panels.

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A ‘Solar Specialist’ gives reasoned opinions, assess the quality of components in value and design quality solar systems. The training is given by Switch2Solar and comprises the modules ‘Basic’, ‘Consultancy’ and ‘Technique’ and ends with an exam.


EBA-400x350 eng

September 2014 – Solar Wholesale ‘Solarclarity BV’ has been nominated for the European Business Awards 2014/2015 (EBA)

Proudly let us know Solarclarity BV has been nominated for the 2014/2015 European Business Awards (EBA). The European Business Awards is an independent awards program designed to recognize excellence, entrepreneurship and innovation in European industry and encourage. With this nomination Solarclarity is one of Europe’s most dynamic companies. The prestigious EBA election is supported by business leaders, academics, media and politicians from across Europe. Important criteria are the pillars: financial growth, innovation, entrepreneurship and international outlook.

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Solarclarity BV is an international wholesaler specialized in high quality solar power products such as solar panels and accessories. From our distribution center near Amsterdam, we supply professional installers throughout Europe and beyond.

Director Solarclarity Peter Desmet: “Solarclarity has been a fast-growing and solid company, and I am therefore very proud that we have been nominated to represent the Netherlands for the European Business Awards. This election is highly regarded in Europe and is known as a showcase for Europe’s most dynamic companies. I therefore see it as visible proof that our company is healthy, that our chosen strategy will strengthen our national and international market positions, and forms a solid basis for the future. This nomination encourages us extra for taking forward in our internationalization. ”

European Business Award will go to the company which excels in terms of financial performance, growth, innovative strategies, market leadership and flexibility to continue to deliver consistent results in the future.

Peter Desmet indicates that regardless of the final outcome in 2015, are proud that we have come this far and ourselves already ‘National Champion’ may call.

The final election will take place in 2015.



February 2014 – LG Solar Introduces New Monox NeON solar panels

LG Solar a division of LG Electronics, has recently expanded its Monox NeON solar portfolio. The latest model with high power modules have a peak power of 300 watts. Say goodbye to these new solar panels to the most efficient models in the world.

The N-type modules of the new Monox NeON contain sided cells with triple anti-reflective coating, which makes them very efficient and deliver better performance. Users benefit from the new technology of energy output per square meter.

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The new Monox NeON modules are well suited for homeowners with roofs with a small footprint, reduced capacity or an unfavorable position relative to the sun.

Obviously users of larger systems can also benefit from the improved performance. Recently, for example, a Monox NeON installation of 100 kilowatts peak installed in Switzerland. In addition, laboratory tests have shown that the modules are highly reliable, but with a weight of 16.8 kg, the modules are also relatively light. Therefore, LG Electronics provides improved linear performance warranty of 25 years. The Monox NeON offers a guaranteed return of at least 98 percent after the first year and at least 81.2 percent after 25 years.

“LG has invested continuously in research, causing great strides have been made with our Monox NeON modules”, states Michael Harre, Vice President European Solar Business Group at LG Electronics. “We are pleased that we can offer our customers even more efficient modules. As a result, we contribute to an acceleration of the energy. ”

For more information you can look on: & op



December 2013 – Solarclarity opt for German thoroughness with: Asola & K2 Systems

Solarclarity, PV wholesaler and retailer, announces two new vendors: Asola (PV panels) and K2 Systems (mounting).

Asola is a German developer and manufacturer of solar panels, roof integrated systems and “automotive” applications. Asola has a long history as a supplier to the auto industry, including with the solar roof for Fisker Karma. The car industry is a huge industry that quality sets for its suppliers.

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The Asola solar panels Clarity also provides a European panel which meets the highest quality standards at a competitive price. The SolarClarity product portfolio has been expanded with the “Asola-Smart P250 / 60″ panel.

K2 Systems is an extension of the Solarclarity assortment of fasteners. K2 is a renowned German manufacturer of mounting systems for solar panels. The range includes systems for flat roofs, pitched roofs and free country setups. For the Dutch tile roofs K2 has developed the aluminum Cross Hook 2F.

Solarclarity offers products Asola and K2 systems now including through the new online Customer Besides rates, you can also find availability and technical characteristics of the products.


FD gazelle Award

November 2013 – Solarclarity wins gold FD gazelle 2013

Solarclarity, PV wholesaler and distributor, is the proud winner of the Golden FD Gazelle 2013 region Noord Holland. Therefore we are officially the fastest growing company in North Holland.

Solarclarity the Golden FD Gazelle won in sales of medium class: 2-30 million. Thursday, November 27, 2013 the award for North Holland was presented during a ceremony at KPMG’s headquarters in Amstelveen.

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Solarclarity in sales in the last 3 years more than sevenfold, and is the fastest growing company in North Holland in its revenue class. To qualify for FD Gazelle Award, companies must achieve revenue growth of at least 20% within three years, a positive net result and be financially sound.

Peter Desmet, CEO Solarclarity: “We are proud and happy that we belong to a select group FD Gazelles. Of course, we already knew that we were growing fast, but it is also special to fellow entrepreneurs to get this appreciation in this way. Here we have in recent years worked very hard for. Certainly the fact that we have managed to achieve this in a turbulent time for our industry, is a wonderful jewel in our crown. The strong growth that has made Solarclarity of course, we thank our customers and our employees. Through their enthusiasm, commitment and quality, we were able to achieve this growth. ”


tablet eng

November 2013 – Solarclarity launches shop for its customers – now Order online 24/7!

Solarclarity, international wholesaler of solar products, has proudly opened the doors of the Solarclarity Online Customer Portal. The online order platform Solarclarity which customers now 7 days a week, 24 hours a day online to place orders.

With our new online customer portal we provide quick and easy access to our extensive product range.

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Within a few clicks, the Solarclarity client now fully understanding his order history and product range with the associated functions such as the current product availability, pricing, downloads etc.

Because our Customer Portal is directly linked to our administration are shown customer-specific pricing and discounts, and the shop gives an accurate indication of stock.

“Since October 30, our Customer Portal has been launched in several phases and the interest from our customers is great. Meanwhile, more than 1/3 of our customers use the Customer Portal and this number is growing every day. After the launch of the first version in the coming months there will be lots of extensions and adjustments are made to the operation of the Customer Portal to as much as possible to close out the wishes of our customers, “said Wico Gerritsen, Project Manager Solarclarity BV.

The Online Customer Portal gives Solarclarity implements its e-commerce strategy with the aim of procurement for clients, administration and transportation costs to be lower.

Curious about the Solarclarity Customer Portal? Go now to There is no log-in code to view the shop.

If you have not received a login code? Or do you have other questions? If so, please contact the sales support department at: Or call 0294 to 769,028.


FD gazelle

November 2013 – Solarclarity BV has been awarded the title “FD Gazelle” for being one of the fastest growing companies in The Netherlands.

Solarclarity BV has been awarded  with the title “FD Gazelle  2013″ for being one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. Each year, the Dutch newspaper ‘Financieel Dagblad’ organizes the FD Gazellen Awards in cooperation with KPMG and Graydon. This annual event is held to determine which companies have shown the fastest stable financial growth in their respective province or region.

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Solarclarity is a fast growing international specialised distributor of PV products. We supply installers and resellers throughout Europe and the Caribbean with a select range of solar modules, inverters, mounting systems, cable, measurement instruments and monitoring equipment. Solarclarity aims to add value for her customers through logistics, financing, system design, training and service.

To be eligible for the FD Gazelle Award companies have to show a minimum revenue growth of 20% over a period of three years and in addition, need to show continuous revenue growth over the same period.The ratings are based on the Graydon database, which consists of 2 million active Dutch companies. Important aspects are: the sales results, annual results and the payment behavior.

The company that shows the fastest stable financial growth in their respective province or region will be awarded with the Golden FD Gazelle. On november 28th, the FD Gazelle Finals for the province ‘North Holland’ will be held at the Headquarter of KPMG in Amstelveen, the Netherlands.



September 2013 – Solarclarity presents the “Solarclarity professional brands square”, during the SolarEvent of Energie 2013

During Energie 2013 Den Bosch, september 24, 25, 26 2013, (the largest energy tradeshow of its kind in thé Netherlands), Solarclarity organises a solar-event with the overall theme: ‘Professional brands for professional users’. During this event Solarclarity invites 10 of her professional brands to be present at our >200m2 booth, to represent their brand and products. Present at the square are: Solar Frontier, Enphase, NARI, Hanwha Q-Cells en Hanwha SolarOne, Samil Power, Renesola, LG, ET-Solar, Plugwise & SolarEdge.

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These distributors also participate in the workshop program as organized by SC-Academy, which takes place at the workshop space integrated in our booth (03 F035). During the three exhibition days, the different distributors provide daily speed training about their brand and products. Free entrance tickets can be ordered via


SolarEdge and SolarMan

September 2013 – Solarclarity extends productportfolio with SolarMan and SolarEdge

PV-wholesaler and distributor Solarclarity has extended her product portfolio with the optimizer manufacturer ‘SolarEdge’, and the SolarMan WiFikit. SolarEdge provides distributed solar power harvesting and PV monitoring systems maximizing the power generation of residential, commercial and large-scale PV system installations.The SolarEdge portfolio of products includes power optimizers, highly efficient PV inverters and a web portal for module-level monitoring and fault detection. The SolarEdge system enables harvesting more solar power from any PV system by effectively removing the known system constraints across the photovoltaic energy space.

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The WiFikit of SolarMan is an external data logger which makes the long-term monitoring of PV systems feasible and efficient.By connecting with single or multiple inverters, the data loggers can collect information of PV systems from inverters. In addition, SolarMan portal can provide powerful data support for users. Data collected by the data logger can be transmitted to the monitoring portal via Ethernet, WiFi, GPRS and Zigbee. Both real-time and historical data can be displayed with transparent graphs.

SolarMan WiFi kit is suitable for homes and and office buildings where WiFi network is available. A WiFi module is integrated in the data logger, enabling data transmission via WiFi network. No additional writing or software is required, far simplifying installation and reducing costs for users. Furthermore, an independent web server is integrated in the data logger, which enables users to directly connect tot he WiFi access point of the data logger.


Hanwha and Renesola

April 2013 – Solarclarity expands range with Hanwha and ReneSola

PV wholesaler, and importer Solarclarity a new distribution agreement with Hanwha and ReneSola.

Hanwha is one of the largest companies in South Korea and is comparable to Samsung, LG and Daewoo. Hanwha produces solar modules in China and Germany, and is in the top 10 of world’s largest producers. Hanwha has the acquisition of Q-Cells in 2012, access to the most advanced technologies and by its German production facilities optimally protected from any future anti-dumping duties.

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Hanwha has a portfolio of poly, mono, all black and BIPV panels.

ReneSola is one of the largest Chinese manufacturers of solar products. Solarclarity ReneSola has added to its range because of the recent threat of anti-dumping measures by the EU, the supply of Chinese solar panels is limited. The superior performance of ReneSola, and the comparisons with ET Solar, we see ReneSola and ET Solar as equal and interchangeable panels. ReneSola, like ET Solar, permanently included in our range and we have committed ourselves to a technical and commercial support of both brands. Rene Sola has a portfolio of clinics, Virtus II, mono and all black panels. The VIRTUS II cells and panels from ReneSola deliver superior production results in both simulator PVSol and practice tests of Photon.


LG Mono NeON

March 2013 – Solarclarity introduces the new LG MonoX NeON serie

Solarclarity  introduces the new LG MonoX NeON premium series solar module. he MonoX NeoN Premium series features the same 60-cell panel design of the MonoX module launched in October 2011, however it boasts a higher maximum high-efficiency output of 300W with 18.3 percent module efficiency. The high-performance module uniquely combines LG’s N-Type cell manufacturing technology into one cutting edge unit. Selective emitter and fine electrode technologies have been added along with LG’s unique anti-reflection coating technology. At 16.8kg, the new solar module is 11.1 percent lighter than previous models, among the lightest on the market.

Solarclarity new staff

March 2013 – Solarclarity – three new field staff

The team Solarclarity, the Dutch wholesale photovoltaic systems and related products, has been expanded. To further professionalize the organization and to optimally invest in our customers, SolarClarity, since February 1, 2013, adopted three new field staff.

Jurgen van de Sompele, is responsible for the Southwest Netherlands and Flanders. Bob Thuijsman is contact for the Southeast Netherlands, and Peter Heemskerk for the North region of South Holland and Utrecht.

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With these three new field staff, Solarclarity sales team has a total of 6 account. We are very pleased with the appointment of Bob, Peter and Jayne, to our sales team complete. Solarclarity growing, and with this expanded team is Solarclarity able to continue this growth.



March 2013 – Solarclarity, authorized distributor Solar Frontier – Belgium

Solarclarity, the Dutch PV wholesaler and distributor, has been named Solar Frontier authorized distributor in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Solarclarity was already authorized for the Netherlands, but now, with Solar Frontier, also for Belgium and Luxembourg. Solar Frontier is the largest manufacturer of CIS panels in the world and is part of Shell. The 150Wp panels have, for thin film, very high efficiency of 13.0%. Module efficiency remains correct. Recently, the Japanese National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science already measured a record efficiency of 19.7%.

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Expansion of the distribution underlines the successful cooperation and mutual trust between Solarclarity and Solar Frontier. The partnership provides added value for both parties, and we therefore assume a long and successful partnership.



March 2013 - Solarclarity expands range with Plugwise.

PV wholesaler, and importer Solarclarity a new distribution agreement with Plugwise. The range of Solarclarity is thus expanded with the Plugwise Home Solar package. With Stealth M +, the Stretch 2.0, and the app is the Plugwise Home Solar package ideal for trying out the Plugwise system at household level and to gain insight into your solar production. Using clear graphs show the Plugwise Stretch 2.0 and the app at a glance how much energy your solar panels produce. So it is also easy to see in the system performance of your solar panels and control.

Solar Frontier

25 March 2013 – Article Solar Frontier – High yields – even on cloudy days

Photovoltaic plants on partially shaded roofs, with suboptimal layout or non-optimal tilt angles are deemed low yielders. Regions with lower irradiation values and a high portion of indirect or diffuse light are seen in the same dim light. Thin-film modules made of copper, indium and selenium can show their mettle even under these conditions, and contradict this view.

Plant planners and those wishing to invest in photovoltaic plants have been concentrating to date mainly on roofs facing south, since these have the best exposure to sunlight, and therefore the best yields.

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The potential yield of a plant is also influenced by the tilt angle it has, which helps maintain the best irradiation angle, disregarding the time of the year.  In an ideal world, the weather should be permanently sunny and cold, and the plant free from shadows and dirtying. In reality, the conditions for a solar plant are more often than not anything but ideal. The roof faces in the wrong direction, say eastwards or westwards, trees cast shadows, or chimneys, or the neighbor’s roof, it’s hot, or foggy, or cloudy, or dusty – these are factors that can reduce the yields of a solar plant.

Advances in the thin-film module technology have rendered even roofs with unfavorable preconditions interesting as far as harvesting solar energy is concerned. CIS modules capture yields that even crystalline modules cannot, even with partially shadowed roofs, unfavorable layout, or suboptimal tilt angle because of their specific physical characteristics.

Because of their good low-light behavior CIS thin-film modules produce high yields even with suboptimal irradiation angles, such as are present during early morning or late evening, or in winter and fall. The same is true for diffuse light (fog or cloudiness).

The difference in low-light behavior between CIS-modules and other technologies is easily explained: a deciding factor is CIS-modules’ use of more of the available light spectrum. On looking more closely at the spectral response (SR), which is the ability to absorb light of different frequencies, this becomes clear. CIS has a much higher spectral response than crystalline modules, and therefore a higher efficiency. The result: CIS-modules generate energy long after crystalline or amorphous modules have stopped production.

Solar harvest even with shading

A further advantage of CIS modules is their high shadow tolerance. Crystalline modules have the disadvantage that shading or partial shading through dirt or leaves causes failure of the entire module or indeed the entire string. The reason for this is the serial connection of cells in a module, and the connection of several modules to one string. CIS modules are a lot less sensitive: Shading or partial shading doesn’t cause failure of the module, but only of the covered or shaded part. CIS modules consist of long stripped cells, in the case of Solar Frontier’s modules 170 per module, as opposed to the square cells of crystalline modules. Because of this cell-shape, only that part of the module fails that is shaded, the rest continues generating. This is especially important in the residential sector, since there we more often encounter shading through trees or chimneys, which can have an effect on the efficiency of the plant.

Suited for climate conditions in the BeNeLux

Their product properties, especially the good lowlight behavior of CIS thin-film modules make them perfectly suited for the weather conditions to be typically found in the BeNeLux countries.  This fact together with the environmentally friendly character of Solar Frontier modules  were two of the main reasons for Solarclarity, an expert in the area of solar power, project developer and wholesaler of PV systems in the BeNeLux countries, to include Solar Frontier in its product portfolio. Regarding the ecological aspect, the refusal to use cadmium and lead mean the absence of environmentally hazardous materials contained in the modules  and is the reason why although not yet a requirement in the photovoltaic industry, Solar Frontier is one of the very few PV manufacturers that comply with the stringent RoHS directive (Restriction of Hazardous Substances).

Since 2011 a great variety of installations have been constructed all over the region using the CIS thin-film modules distributed by SolarClarity, both in the residential as well as in the industrial sector. One example is a 31kWp PV system using Solar Frontier CIS thin-film modules designed by SolarClarity and installed as part of a renovation of a barn rooftop. It was connected to the grid in October 2012 in the Dutch town of Lelystad. The 200 CIS modules were installed on a 245 m² subarea of the southeast-facing rooftop of the building. The system is expected to produce more than 25,000 kWh of energy per year and will offset more than 21 tons of CO2 emission.

On top of the new black rooftop cladding, the black Solar Frontier modules match perfectly with the overall appearance of the building. The Solar Frontier modules were also selected due to the high output of CIS thin-film technology, as their good lowlight behavior leads them to start production earlier in the morning and stop producing energy later in the evening than other available technologies. The ammonia resistance of the CIS modules was taken into account as an additional benefit in an agricultural environment. All these advantages confirmed the agricultural entrepreneur and owner of the barn rooftop in his decision for Solar Frontier’s cadmium- and lead free CIS thin-film modules.

More yields with CIS modules

Long-term tests have shown that CIS modules maintain a higher power output than the label claims. The reason for this is the so-called ‘light-soaking effect’. This describes a special characteristic of CIS modules: after exposure to light their efficiency and power output climb. A suitable comparison might be with a car motor – once the motor has run warm, it reaches its most efficient and powerful state.

The technological advances in the CIS thin-film area make even unfavorable roofs interesting from the power generation point-of-view as they  as CIS thin-film modules yield high harvests even under difficult conditions. With the right technology east-west roofs, roofs with shading, or roofs in regions with high levels of indirect or low light irradiation will play an increasingly important role in solar power generation.



22 Feb 2013 – Why do Solarclarity products not KIWA register?

Various relationships we received as to why the portfolio of solar modules and inverters which Solarclarity and supply its partners are not registered on the commercial organization KIWA NV in Rijswijk.

Solarclarity has deliberately chosen not to register the products it sells by KIWA. We work only with reputable brands in the industry, all of which are frequently tested by major international independent certification agencies such as TÜV and VDE. Through these reviews ensures accredited SolarClarity sustainable quality of its products. The certificates which can be found on our website.

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Solarclarity is therefore of the opinion that inclusion in the KIWA registry provides no added value. Some of the vendors included bankruptcy, which leads us to conclude that uptake no insight into this register indicates the quality of the panels. KIWA creates turmoil in the market, to promote its own services. Thus they damage the sector as a whole, and unwittingly its own integrity.

Further, with regard to the highly biased judgments of KIWA installed on the yield of solar (PV) systems, it is incorrect. The years of experience of Solarclarity shows the opposite.

Solarclarity pulls the professionalism of KIWA strongly questioned. It is a commercial company, which can not guarantee objectivity. We will provide our products also do not get certified in the register.

If you have further questions, please contact us at:


Peter Desmet
Solarclarity BV



19 Feb 2013 – Notification incendiary solar panels, has no bearing on Solarclarity

This morning, the Dutch Food and Commodities Authority (NVWA) brought out a message about the risk of fire in solar brand SCHEUTEN equipped with junction boxes of the brand Alrack type SOLEXUS. This post was taken over by the NOS news, and various newspapers.

Solarclarity emphasizes these panels have never sold, or products where these faulty junction boxes sit in.

We can therefore safely say that the products from us are safe and reliable.

Solar Frontier achieves record 19.7% CIS Efficiency

Feb 2013 – Solar Frontier achieves record 19.7% CIS Efficiency

Solar Frontier, in joint research with Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), has achieved a world record-breaking energy conversion efficiency of 19.7% for cadmium-free, thin-film solar cells measuring approx. 0.5 cm2, as measured by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).

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It has been ten years since the previous record of 18.6% was set. As per Satoru Kuriyagawa, Chief Technology Officer of Solar Frontier, this new achievement in energy conversion efficiency indicates the high level of Solar Frontier’s technology and the high potential of CIS technology. The CIS thin-film modules currently available from Solar Frontier have gained a reputation for high performance in actual power generation, as they are not easily affected by shadows or high temperatures. Now, even higher real-world performance can be expected by applying this new basic technology.



Dec 2012 – Solarclarity opens as a certified PV Cycle collection

On 1 December 2012 Solarclarity joined the European PV Cycle. Solarclarity is the first certified collection point depreciated PV modules in central and northern Netherlands. Installers and end-users to deliver free the defective solar panels (PV modules) in Solarclarity collection in Weesp. The modules are then picked up by PV-Cycle, and disassembled after which the processed material can be used to create raw materials for new panels. In this way Solarclarity contributes to responsibly recycle solar panels and we strive for a fully sustainable industry.


Dec 2012 – Solarclarity distributes EazyPV tester of Mors Smitt

Solarclarity, importer and wholesaler of PV materials, has a new distribution agreement with Mors Smitt. The product portfolio of Solarclarity is hereby extended by the EazyPV – Solar Installation Tester Mors Smitt (formerly Nieaff Smit).

The EazyPV is an easy to use tester to yield and electrical safety of Solar PV systems can be tested with the push of a button. The EazyPV combines multiple test functions in one handheld device.

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The kit includes MC4 and SUNCLIX test adapters that fast, safe and easy connection of the tester on the PV modules, strings or array possible. Data can then be downloaded via USB to a PC for further analysis and reporting.

The PV EazyPV provides the installer the ability to quickly and easily test PV systems. This PV systems can be easily controlled but can also guarantee claims will be assessed quickly. It is an essential tool to ensure course quality.



Nov 2012 – Solarclarity further expands portfolio

Solarclarity has expanded its transducer range in August. Due to its versatility Power-One remains the basis of the range, in addition, also Samil Power, Diehl and Enphase added. Samil Power is the largest and most famous Chinese inverter manufacturer. Due to the commercial and technological cooperation with the largest Chinese network company China State Grid is a solid company with an equally solid technology. Enphase in turn is the largest manufacturer of micro inverters. The American company has now taken over SMA’s market leadership in its home market.

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The technology, in which a panel one micro-inverter is applied, makes PV systems easier and safer. Moreover, the system offers impressive monitoring system and twenty-five-year product warranty. Finally, presented the German industrial conglomerate Diehl at the last Inter-Solar a completely revamped line. The new H-series with the transformer and R3 series without transformer converters are the most efficient in their product classes.


ABC-solarclarity-beleveren-Zon-effect1-500x400 eng

Nov 2012 – ABC and Solarclarity supplying ‘Sun Effect’

ABC Solar and Solarclarity started with the supply and installation of the solar panels for the Zeeland collective purchase “The Sun Effect ‘. The collective is an initiative of the Zeeland Environmental Federation and Zeeuwind. The project falls under the European cooperation project Low Carbon Region. Within this work five different countries – Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Slovenia and the Netherlands – together to reduce their CO2 emissions. The installer for the Zeeland initiative had to be a local company. After a rigorous selection period was chosen ABC panels from Terneuzen.

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This company had already gained extensive experience with solar energy in Flanders through its sister company ABC promos. Solarclarity the air by ABC Solar panels installed systems of the various components. These are panels of ET Solar and inverters from Power-One. Meanwhile, thousands of panels have already been installed and the end of e action is not yet in sight.



Nov 2012 – Power-One shows new products

The Italian Power-One – which includes markets in the Netherlands by Solarclarity – a new product range of conversion and power management products presented at the PVSEC in Frankfurt.


March 2012 - Expansion Solarclarity

From March 1 has Solarclarity beside the building at 21 Flevolaan also the property to Flevolaan 19 commissioned. In connection with a growing need for additional storage, and programs of the SC academy is nice to have more space. We hope to better serve our customers in the future.

Naturally, there are also panels installed on the roof.