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  • SolaX battery loader

  • SolaX Triple Power

  • SolaX Triple Power V2


  • Solax product brochure

Factory warranty

  • SolaX-Power Factory warranty EU

  • SolaX-Power Factory warranty worldwide

Installation manual

  • X-hybrid installation manual

  • X-Hybrid-Quick installation manual

  • Solax Triple Power user manual

  • Solax Triple Power quick user manual

WIFI Monitoring

  • Login Solax Portal System

  • WIFI Settings Guide (for Solax Portal)

Solax Design Tool

  • String Sizing Tool

Support (by SolaX Power)

Solax Power handles all malfunctions itself. Consult the error codes below before calling or emailing the SolaX Power services team. A professional service team will be ready to help you.

Servicenummer: +49 723 1418 0999

Please request service by email:
Global Service Center: +86-571-56260033 ext 749

Error codes Solax

If the SolaX Support team has indicated that the inverter(s) must be replaced, download the SolaX Power ‘support request form’ below and mail it fully completed to:



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X-Hybrid Battery Storage System from SolaX - How It Works

SolaX Power

Voordelen van X-Hybrid

X Hybrid Menu Configuration