Sungrow is a world renounced producer of inverters, and has installed more than 100GW worldwide since 1997. 

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Sungrow is an established producer of high-quality inverters, and has installed more than 100GW as of June 2019 in more than 60 countries across the world. Their mission ‘Clean energy for all’ drives them to be one of the best companies in the solar business. Bloomberg declared thatb Sungrow has the strongest track-record for loan financed projects, and is 100% bankable. Due to their R&D efforts and focus on CSR, they are included in various rankings, such as ‘Global TOP 500 New Energy Enterprises’ and ‘Best Companies to Work For in Asia 2019’.


  • Complete portfolio with inverters for every situation: residential, hybrid, commercial with monitoring.

  • The residential range comes with free online monitoring and build-in surge protection. They are easy to install thanks to their light weight and push-in connectors.

  • The project inverters have a long lifespan due to Sungrow’s ‘smart Active Cooling’. Next to that, they have a high DC/AC ratio and their IP66 and C5 classification guarantees they are safe to use.

  • Sungrow offers tailor-made trainings for installers and provides good after-sales service.


Sungrow training program for installers

In collaboration with Sungrow, we offer the Sungrow Power Partner training in our SC-Academy.

This hands-on training extensively covers the installation of both residential and commercial Sungrow inverters in an interactive manner. Learn more about the benefits for you as installer, and gain knowledge on cooling, installation, dimensioning and monitoring. After completion you receive the Sungrow Power Partner certificate and support with brochures, ads and exclusive webinars.

Tailor-made trainings

Sungrow offers tailor-made trainings to increase your company’s growth and take your business to the next level. Contact us for the possibilities!



Sungrow – SG6KTL-MT

3 Phase – 2 MPPT


Sungrow – CX SG40CX

3 Phase – 4 MPPT – 8 strings


Sungrow – Hybrid SH4K6

1 Phase – 2 MPPT – 48V battery