Viridian Solar is a British producer of high-quality and aesthetically appealing solar panels for full roof integration in roofs from 20° to 60°.


Clearline Fusion is a leading range from Viridian Solar, it’s a tested system for roof integration of solar PV. Clearline Fusion is tested extensively in tile -and slate roofs, and can also be used as complete roof solution. It is the only BIPV system that acquired all European fire-safety certificates. Clearline Fusion functions as first water barrier, so the backside of this system stays completely dry.

Full roof integration

Viridian Solar BIPV solar panels are designed for full roof integration, so no other roof covering is needed where the panels are placed. The panels are placed at the same height as the roof covering, which prevents the accumulation of dirt and leaves.

Simple & Safe

Clearline Fusion is easy to install and has a high wind resistance of 5300Pa, without the need for supplemental mounting material. The system consists only of high-quality materials, so no plastics, which enhances the system’s durability.

Very quick installation (less than 1 hour per kW peak) thanks to well-arranged packaging and a smart mounting-system that doesn’t require woodwork alterations.


Clearline Fusion is an universal system that doesn’t require any alterations of the roof. Perfectly applicable in new construction -and renovation projects (for example as replacement of existing tiles).



Viridian PV16-300M

ClearlineFusion – Mono All Black BIPV

Viridian PV16-270P

ClearlineFusion – Poly All Black BIPV